About Us

Team Defeat Diabetes is a basketball team competing in The Basketball Tournament (TBT) 2022, playing to benefit those with Type-1 Diabetes. Jalen Nesbitt and Cristina Desemone co-founded Team Defeat Diabetes to help support and bring about awareness for those living with Type-1 diabetes.

Former University of North Florida star Jalen Nesbitt co-founded team Defeat Diabetes with his fiancé, Cristina Desemone. Nesbitt, a Spartanburg, South Carolina, native, sports seven years of professional basketball experience in Europe. 

Desemone, who has been living with Type-1 diabetes since 2006, is a registered dietitian specializing in performance nutrition. She works with athletes to help them reach their performance goals and prepare them for an elite level of play. The couple felt the Basketball Tournament provided a solid platform from which to advocate for those with diabetes. 



The Basketball Tournament, known by many these days as TBT, stands as one of the more popular forms of summer basketball for fans to enjoy. The tournament hosts 64 teams playing in a single-elimination bracket for a winner-take-all $1 million prize. The teams are made up largely of professional and former college stars, some representing their former schools while others play on sponsored teams, like team Defeat Diabetes. 

TBT 2022 will be ninth installment of the tournament, with games being played in July and August, and aired on ESPN and ESPN2. The team will play out of the Xavier Region at the Cintas Center, in Cincinnati, Ohio, hosted by Xavier University.